8'10 Wide
8'10 Wide


8'10 Wide


Surf Performance Meets Stabiltiy & Comfort

The Peak Wide series offers a more user-friendly and stable platform while maintaining the surf performance our Peak series is known for. Instead of simply adding volume and width, which can result in a stable yet unresponsive board, we custom tailored the foil and rocker outline to match the wider templates of these models. This allows the board to still hold rail even in tighter pocket waves and still maintain speed and maneuverability on the open face.

Key Features

Wide and Stable with solid surf performance
100% Carbon Innegra Construction for lightweight yet durable performance, with a surf board flex.
Brushed paint finish to reduce overheating without adding the additional weight of a full paint job.
Diamond Groove EVA deck pad for excellent traction and comfort.
Ergonomic carry handle for ease of transport.
FCSII 5-fin set-up with 10” center box / 2+1 fin set-up included.

Length Width Thickness One Feet Off nose width One Feet Off tail width Volume Weight Weight range
8'10" 32.0" 4.65" 20.2" 20.2" 145 L 20.0 lbs 200 lbs