I-99 KS Model 2019- 95ltr


I-99 KS Model 2019- 95ltr

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KS MODEL (no Fins included)

Choosing a wave board must be carefully considered based on the average conditions of use and the rider´s ability. Some boards leave no room for compromise and the KS model fits this category. In terms of radical down-the-line wave riding, simply said, the KS is the best production board the global market can offer today. The international magazine test results prove it.

The 2019 KS maintains a smooth rockerline and compact shape concept, with a perfect balance of foot stance volume in all sizes, with a few minor updates. Excellent maneouverability and stability even in the most critical sections of the wave are the hallmarks of this pure wave machine meaning the limits of the KS in providing exhilarating wave riding are fundamentally endless.

CONCLUSION - The new KS Model is confirmed by worldwide tests as the best choice for those who want a very radical board to travel around the world in search of the perfect wave. Performing very well in side/side-on conditions, the board offers its best attributes in side/side-off conditions. You will be amazed about how good your bottom turns are with insane cut backs. If you are searching for boards that allow to push your ability to excel in waves to the limit, there it is.

Key Features:


  • Short length concept: They have the same lengths compared to the 2018 models. Same positioning of the footstrap inserts, fin box and mast box, making the boards super reactive in down the line sailing and allowing the rider to attack the very critical part of the wave in the "pocket". The swallow tail makes the board even more reactive in top turns!

  • All volumes distributions fit the shape perfectly, a key technical component, with increased thickness on the back foot to stand more vertically while sailing. Rails in the nose area have the correct curvature and aggressive tuck lines to increase performance especially in round house cut backs.

  • Hull: A double concave fading into a single concave toward the tail has been confirmed through detailed testing as the best compromise between easy sailing and control on the wave face.

  • Construction:A PVC double sandwich, with double thickness in the most stressed areas combined with a biax carbon / Innegra deck layup along with our new 100% S-Glass bottom layup gives the boards the best compromise in terms of light weight, strength and durability



  • High-precision CAD/CAM CNC shape

  • 15kg/m3 EPS core

  • Full 100 kg/m3 PVC performance sandwich construction (3mm deck / 5mm bottom)

  • Double Pvc sandwich in the most stressed areas for excellent compression strength

  • Carbon-Innegra/S-glass deck layup for maximum durability and strength designed with the correct flex for pure wave-riding applications

  • Full 160 S-glass bottom layup - for the correct flex during hard turns and jump landings

  • 6" Slot rear fin Boxes + 4" Slot front fin boxes

  • Dual density footpads with shock absorbers





Length / Width

Weight +/- 6%

Fin Type

Box Type

Fins Recommended. Not included

Sail Range

KS 71





Slot Box

MFC KS 13+9


KS 79





Slot Box

MFC KS 14+9


KS 87





Slot Box

MFC KS 15+9


KS 95





Slot Box

MFC KS 16+9