14'0" Earth SUP Nova Scotia x 28"
14'0" Earth SUP Nova Scotia x 28"
14'0" Earth SUP Nova Scotia x 28"

14'0" Earth SUP Nova Scotia x 28"

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The BISCAYNE & NOVA SCOTIA boards are designed for Touring & Exploration. Whether it be a quick paddle before or after work, a day trip or week long expeditions, these boards have exceptional glide to help you get Deep into Nature and far from civilization. With a streamlined and cutting entry into the water these boards are designed for maximum efficiency and speed. However, a hard rail under the standing area keeps the boards stable in all water conditions, even when loaded front and back with dry bags full of gear. Reinforced attachment points allow you to secure equipment and accessory items with ease.




is an outdoor lifestyle closely connected with nature where exploration and adventure prevail. It’s taking you back to the essence of free surfing, adventure paddling, life on the water. Escape from the world on an adventure Deep into Nature for an afternoon, a week-end, a lifetime.

At EARTH SUP & SURF our mantra, Deep into Nature, is as much about the equipment we use as the places we go. The boards are the tools we use to engage and interact with our surroundings. We feel the same principles that guide us in our daily lives should be applied to the equipment we build and use. EARTH SUP & SURF is a full range of products which, wherever possible and feasible, aim to build and source our gear with construction techniques and materials that respect the environment in which they are used:

- A focus on bio-sourced, renewable materials.
- A production process that is more respectful of sustainable
development, limiting waste by minimizing the use of fossil fuels,
painting & toxic resins.
- A commitment to ongoing research and development to
further our commitment to these principals.


• Core : Low density EPS Foam, 15 kg/m3
• Rail Lamination : Uni-Directional 300 gr/m² natural Flax fiber
• Deck + Hull Lamination : 100 g/m² natural Flax Fiber with Paulownia Wood
• Whole Board Lamination : 200 g/m² fiberglass
• Epoxy Resin
• Cork deck pad

Length: 14’0’’ /  427 cm
Width: 28’’ / 71 cm
Weigth: 14,5 kg
Volume: 315 Liter
Fin Center: Woodcore Touring 9"
Fin Side:    -
Fin Box: US Box 
W 1ft/30cm nose: 15.8" | 40cm
W 1ft/30cm tail: 17.3" | 44cm