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Scapa fit
Scapa fit
Scapa fit

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Scapa fit


SCAPA FIT: With its narrow, water-cutting bow section and clean hull shape, the Scapa is a boat that is designed for speed, for fast cruising, fitness and ideal for learning sea kayaking. In 2017, the Scapa has a totally re-worked construction, using a new thermoforming technique. It’s more rigid, stronger and more comfortable. The accessories have been also improved with new adjustable foot rests and the Scapa is now fitted as standard with a 20cm diameter forward watertight storage hatch, cockpit bungs and lateral cushioning pads in the cockpit. This new “FIT” version of the SCAPA is a great sea kayak.

Shipping approx 1-2 weeks


Longer than most of the kayaks of the other series, the three models in the PERFORMANCE series are aimed at a more sporty market,
offering a wider range of paddling styles and options, but still easy to use. These three kayaks offer a fistful of innovations.

Length: 440 cm
Width: 66 cm
Weight: 23 kg
Max. load: 130 kg


As a leading specialist in board and water sports, we’ve designed a range of high-performance, aesthetically pleasing kayaks that are as durable as they are innovative : imaginative hull designs, fast and stable ride, thermoformed polyethylene construction produced in France, ergonomically designed cockpits and seats, top quality fittings and fixtures, every possible care has been taken to ensure you get maximum pleasure from your time on the water. Various BIC Sport kayaks have been recognised with awards from the influential «Observateur du Design» magazine for their overall design, innovative features, and the environmental considerations behind their manufacturing/construction technology.

TST - Twin Sheet Technology – Super solid build quality:

The exclusive Twin Sheet technology used in the construction of BIC Sport kayaks is acheived by using thermoformed Polyethylene sheets. The deck and hull sections are formed and sealed together in one single operation. The result of this fusion is incredibly durable, unique in kayak manufacture. The join line is invisible and 100% secure. This process, creating a product that is lighter, stronger and smoother finished than rotomoulding, is also anti-UV treated. Highly resistant to knocks and scratching, it gives all BIC Sport kayaks exceptional durability.

High Performance Hull Design:

The THD (Triple Hull Design) shape was conceived to provide excellent glide and to give great manoeuvrability, while retaining maximum stability. The special shape of our hulls was inspired by trimaran construction, and features a large central section with narrow water channels to optimise glide, and two outer hull sections that give the boat stability without slowing ist forward speed. The two resultant concave sections help improve the overall performance.